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We are a family craft business so you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Since we started in 1979 all our jewellery and giftware has been handmade at our workshop in Glynneath, Wales. Many of our products are inspired by the history of Wales, its legends, ancient artwork and landscape.

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Black cord pendants
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We offer what we believe are some of the most unusual and unique items of jewellery and gifts. As we only sell items we make most of our items are only available from us. We are regular exhibitors at agricultural shows and craft fairs; our Shows page lists the shows we are exhibiting at.

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From the creation of the original sculpture through to the finished article involves many complex processes. The making of the original sculpture, castings of intricate detail, fettling to remove burrs, linishing, applying relief to highlight form and texture, applying acid etching, using enamel paints, soldering, making vulcanised moulds, satin finishing and polishing.

All performed by Gareth, Rhian and Des.

Pewter is one of the most valuable precious metals in common use today. Fine pewter is an alloy of 92% tin with copper and antimony added to strengthen and enhance casting. It can be highly polished or buffed to a satin finish.

Like gold and platinum pewter does not tarnish. As pewter ages it takes on a soft, even patina which is very pleasing to the eye. Modern pewter is safe and meant for everyday use. To care for your Celtic Seren pewter we recommend you wash the article in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Celtic Seren designs are crafted with only the finest pewter. Pewter like most precious metals have set standards, which specify it must contain 92% pure tin.

All our designs are made using modern pewter, which conforms to British Standard 5140 and is guaranteed lead and nickel free.

While many companies make products that claim to be pewter, the many imitations sometimes make it difficult to know if you are getting the real thing. When you purchase or make a gift of ours you have the assurance of genuine quality. Accept no imitations.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our designs and all items can be bought here on the website or come along to a craft show we are exhibiting at and buy in person.

Our online shop accepts all major credit cards through Paypal.

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